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The Mercedes Homes Soro-Soro property is encompassed with a security fence and is a gated community with 24/7 security presence. This gives homeowners the reassurance that they, their families and their property are safe and secure even when they are not at home. You can take confidence knowing that your home cannot be accessed and entered upon by anyone. This means that you have the freedom to walk the streets at any time with you and your family. If you love to take that early morning jog or walk you can do so knowing that you are in a safe place. If you have kids and like to give them the opportunity to spend time outdoors or at a neighbor’s house you can be certain that they will be safe. Security is a top priority and the developers understand that and ensured that provided a property that had security all day long so the residents can feel secure and comfortable in their home surrounding environments.

The property sits on an elevated plot of flood free land. The elevation also ensures that the area is cooler than typical low lying langs. This provides fresh and cool air allowing you to enjoy the various outdoor amenities that are offered by the community. The elevation also ensures the community is a bit isolated providing the residents with an environment that is relaxing and quiet.  This gives you a place to come home to away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and the business district. These residences are really a solace that you will enjoy coming home to everyday and they are designed to have just that appeal. You can’t go wrong when you purchase a unit at Mercedes Homes Soro-Soro if you are looking for somewhere that will provide you with isolation from the business of the city and town areas.

The community is built with wide roads. Each section has their very own multi-purpose hall as well as playgrounds and parks. This ensures that no matter what type of things your family likes they can find something to do here in the community. If you have children you will enjoy the parks and playgrounds. Each set of units have their own playgrounds and parks providing mini recreational areas close to each housing unit no matter which village you find your home. These open spaces give residents ample outdoors spaces so they don’t have to be cooped up in their homes when they are at home. You will love that you can take some time outside with your friends and family and enjoy the great weather offered in the area thanks to the fact that they residences are on a bit of elevation.

The homes themselves are all made with modern materials and features providing you with modern internal amenities and features at an affordable price.

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